The flesh and blood organism, which reads these lines is not you.  This very moment, millions of photoreceptor cells in your eyes scan the colored pixels on this page.  Other neural systems identify their signals as words, locate their meanings from a lifetime of memories and make sense of each sentence.  Within the span of a heartbeat, numberless action potentials fire electrically to enable billions of neurons to comprehend the final meaning of what you read now.  You have almost no awareness of the complex processes, which manage that timely comprehension of the world for you.

Walter Freeman, the famous neurobiologist outlined the miracle of that process: “The cognitive guys think it's just impossible to keep throwing everything you've got into the computation every time. But, that is exactly what the brain does.  Consciousness is about bringing your entire history to bear on your next step, your next breath, your next moment.”  There is a secret behind that achievement.  Your nervous system uses combinatorial coding to store unimaginably large lodes of data within your nerve cells and uses intuition, an elimination algorithm, to instantly extract the most appropriate meaning from that archive.  You are merely the  mysterious and intangible entity, which mirrors that understanding.  As deftly as it makes the lily bloom, nature manipulates all these processes without an ounce of effort from you.




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